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Where can you find Celtic Shaman? #Toronto #GTA #comics http://goo.gl/GRrTk

Dead Souls Coming Soon…

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Finishing up the letters for the first issue. Will be out later this summer. Keep your eyes open…

Original preview

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Last year I produced a 5 page preview of what was to become “Dead Souls” in the McHozer series “Deadmen and Poodleskirts.” The preview was drawn by Jet Amago and takes place a little later in the story (chapter 3 to be exact.)

I thought that you might enjoy reading it if you hadn’t the opportunity until now. So from the pages of Deadmen and Poodleskirts please enjoy “Xul: The Gaye Pope Diaires.” (warning: contains mature language.)

Weekly update – Jan 18, 2011

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Things are moving along very nicely on the first issue. I figured I would update the progress on a weekly basis from now until the book is getting closer to print.

4 Pages of the book are finished and in the can. As we speak Ariel is hard at work on even more. I’m very happy with how this project is coming together and the appearance is a big part of that. Ariel is doing a fantastic job and from the looks of it the best is yet to come.

That’s it for now, still early days. However just to prove I’m not lying here is a small preview of Ariel’s handywork:

Creative team

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Here is the creative team behind the first issue of Dead Souls: Pangs of Contrition.

Thomas Sanders by Jet Amago
Writer: Chris McQuaid – Writer of ‘Celtic Shaman’ and the McHozer Comics series ‘Deadmen and Poodleskirts.’ Check out his other work at: http://mchozers.com

Artist: Ariel Iacci – Artist on ‘Lost Dreams’ for the Canadian anthology Dreams in Texture and ‘The Eye of the Keeper.’ Check out his artwork: http://ariaxy.deviantart.com/

Cover Art: Paul Limgenco – Traditional media artist, Paul is a sensation on the convention scene for the Spent Pencils studio. His work can be seen here: http://paul-art.deviantart.com/


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Welcome to deadsouls.ca the online home for Dead Souls: Pangs of Contrition. The new mini series from the creator of Celtic Shaman.

Originally titled “Xul: The Gaye Pope Diaries” the story was previewed in the the McHozer Comics horror anthology “DeadMen and Poodleskirts”

The first issue is currently in production. Please check back for updates, news and previews.